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GYROKINESIS® Zoom Online Group Classes 


Before I attended gyrokinesis with Ming , I was experiencing poor mobility in my hips and lower back, my entire core was weak despite being a seasoned and trained movement practitioner. Over consistent practice, I noticed that the body is more than just a physical-bodily system but also connected to the mind. I can now able to isolate movement between the lower back and the hip joints which makes me understand how to do weight training more efficiently especially in my squats. The teaching experience is very easy to follow and every session is a great supplement for active recovery as I also experienced relaxation in my nervous system after class. Ming  has a wide base of knowledge and a holistic perspective of human health and is always very helpful with answering any questions. I appreciate that about her!

Chiron Yeng, Human Potential Coach and a Movement Enthusiast 








Li Ling , Quality Assurance Personnel 




As a dancer, I am always exploring for the most efficient and effortless ways of moving. Not only to prolong my dance career, but also to avoid any possible injury to my already very broken body :P Ming’s class is very insightful, her teaching has given me loads of guidance in searching for the stability and more new found freedom in the dancing body, as well as the efficiency in my every day life movements!

Bee Hung , Contemporary Dance Dancer and Instructor 

我的肩部曾經受過傷,肩膀的肌肉緊繃。每當上墊上禪柔運動,arch...curl..spiral.. 感覺關節空間多了,肩膀鬆開了!喜歡禪柔流暢的動作像舞蹈一樣,讓我體驗到身體的運動可以是那麼的不一樣,那麼的獨特! ​

Soo, Swimming Instructor 

Ming's classes always imbue me a sense of calm and potential that I can move with lesser and lesser effort. Absolutely essential for those with back issues like myself to give it a try. 

Poh Sim , Portfoilio Manager

Private lessons online 

Ming was my instructor in Hong Kong from 2011 to 2016,. We kept in touch after I moved.. With the growth in zoom meetings due to Covid, I started online private sessions with Ming in 2020. She tailors the sessions  to address particular body issues and articulates the instructions well. I am so thankful that we are able to resume our sessions after all these years. I would never have thought it would be possible or beneficial to have online private sessions but I am glad to say that it works!

Eliza , Accountant and a Mom 

Private Nutritional Therapy Sessions 

My name is Gemma, I work in the health and fitness industry. For many years I suffered, in varying degrees, stomach pain and bloating, along with fatigue and sleep difficulties. I went to many doctors, was prescribed western medicine, and told to try different types of diets and eliminating certain foods. Nothing helped until I started working with Ming. Her approach to solving my problems was very thorough. Through a Functional Evaluation, Ming was able to assess what nutrient deficiencies I had. She helped change my diet gradually and recommended supplements that would support the healing of my gut. She helped me to change my relationship to food, and how my daily activities affect me. We worked on my sleep routine and making sure I exercised gently while my body healed. I am now pain-free, have great eating habits and sleep naturally. My body can finally function and get through the day with ease. Ming is incredibly resourceful and devoted to her work with such a calm and compassionate nature.   

Gemma, Pilates Instructor

Coming in with a painful injury, Ming taught me to go back to the basics of alignment and breath. She has an eye for detail, and really worked with me to identify minor tensions in my body which may have contributed to the build up of the eventual pains in my back and thighs. The homework she gave was very easy to do at home and have long term effect in changing the way I move as a dancer.

Ming explained to me in a very scientific, logical yet easy to understand way of how our bodies can heal through appropriate nutrition. Her encouragement makes eating healthy less intimidating and motivated me to eat better for optimal performance. 

Jiaxi , Ballet Dancer

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