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Simple homemade crackers/chips

Anyone who knows me personally knows that I am not very good at baking. I have trouble following the exact measurements of ingredients and love to improvise too much. So why did I came up with this " baked" crackers/ chips? Because it doesn't need exact measurements of ingredients, the ingredients are simple and there are lots of room to play with and to be creative. If you make it really thin, it become chips; if you make it slightly thicker, it become crackers. If you make it too thick, I guess it might turn into cookies !!

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Ingredients (basic and minimum portion):

- 1 Egg

- 3-4 tablespoon nut flour ( I used almond flour in this one), adjust accordingly to achieve the texture of a paste.

- a pinch of salt

- 1 tablespoon of olive oil

- 1 teaspoon of garlic powder (optional, but it add a very good flavour)


1) Mix everything together until a paste texture that you can spread it thinly on baking paper with the back of your spoon. You can make them round shape like the picture or spread them evenly across the whole baking sheet and break them into smaller pieces later.

2) Put in the oven at about 80-100C depending on your oven heat. Bake for 15-30 mins until it is crispy and slightly golden brown on the surface.


I imagine the possibilities are endless : )

These are some flavours that I had tried or might try someday..... but I just cannot do them all now as I don't want to be overdosed with nut flours** :

1) sprinkle some herbs on top.I have tried Italian herb mix .

2) add salted egg yolks. I had tried with the whole salted egg but not just the yolks because I don't want to waste the whites

3) sprinkle some different spices on top such as paprika or cumin powder

4) add finely grated cheese to it

5) Make with other nuts or seeds flour like walnut, pecan, pumpkin seeds etc

6) ........happy experimenting and playing !!

This is highly addictive to be eaten by itself. I use it to accompany my guacamole, liver pate or hazelnut chocolate spread

** Nuts can be high in omega 6 and contribute to inflammation.

Are you going to try making this? It's really so simple that can be made anytime. Please comment and share with me how it goes. !!!

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