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Homemade healthy version of Hazelnut Spread -- "Nutella"

Updated: May 5, 2020

Who doesn't like "Nutella " ? Unfortunately the store bought original version is loaded with sugar. Here I have a slightly different kind of recipe, which doesn't give you the exact amount of the ingredients, but really teach you the trick of how to successfully come out with your very own version of " Nutella" !!

Big thank you to Foo Siauyin for sharing this with us.

Siauyin -- an amazing ballerina and ballet teacher, also my favourite person to play "cooking " (aka "masak masak" ) with :P

#glutenfree #paleo #keto #refinesugarfree #homemadenutella


- Raw Hazelnut, skin removed**

- Lankato (or any sweetener of your choice, I use this here )

- Base oil : olive oil, avocado oil, coconut oil, any oil of your choice

- a pinch of sea salt

- Unsweeten chocolate  powder  


1) Roast the raw hazelnut until fragrant and crunchy

2) Cool it down slightly

3) Put your warm hazelnut in to high speed blender, it should take less than a minute to turn into butter form

4) Add in your choice of base oil and blend again to achieve the consistency that you desire

5) Add the rest of the ingredients

Very important tips for the success of this recipe :

- You must use a high speed blender to achieve the smooth consistency

- The hazelnut must be fresh, without skin and roasted until fragrant and dry

*As there is no exact amount of ingredients listed, there are plenty of room to play with depending on your desired texture and sweetness -- YOUR VERY OWN VERSION of Nutella !

Few extra tips from Ming :

- ** I soak my raw hazelnut with some diluted apple cider vinegar in filtered water for 8-12 hours before roasting them to " activate " the nuts and make it easier for our digestive system.

- Surprise ! : Add some drinking water to the leftover bits in the blender and blend, and you will come out with an extra cup of yummy hazelnut chocolate drink, and an easier blender to clean.

- To make a cup of warm milky chocolate hazelnut drink anytime : Blend one tablespoon of this " Nutella" with warm water or tea. I add in a scoop of this collagen powder too! Use a milk frothfer for a creamy cup of chocolate drink ◡̈

Give this a try and let us know how you like your very own " Nutella " ?

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