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Chocolate Coconut Chia Pudding

We are so lucky here to have another recipe and photo shared by Adeline Song- an amazing ballerina and ballet teacher, a supermum with 3 wonderful kids, and she makes loving, yummy and beautiful looking food for her family.

#glutenfree #healthysnacks #chiapudding #paleo


1) 125 ml coconut cream

2) 75ml water

3) 20g chia seeds

4) 1 tbsp raw cacao powder/ unsweetened cocoa powder

5) Pinch of salt

6) Optional - 1/2 tbsp lakanto sweetener or any powdered sweetener of choice

7) Cinnamon to taste

8) Organic fresh or frozen berries*


Put all ingredients in a bowl, mix n refrigerate overnight.

It is so simple ! Let me know if you have tried this !

Notes :

*Always buy organic berries as it is always on the top of the "dirty dozen" list !!

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