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Cheesecake Fat Bombs

This recipe and picture is shared by a dear friend, Adeline Song -- an amazing ballerina and ballet teacher, a supermum with three kids and love to nourish her family with her loving, delicious and beautiful cooking.

#keto #glutenfree #fatbomb #snacks

Ingredients :

- 250g cream cheese cut in cubes

- 25gm lakanto ( monk fruit sweetener) or any sweetener of choice.

- zest n juice of one lemon

- 120g coconut oil

- 50g unsalted butter cut in cubes

Instructions :

1) Using a blender, grind your sweetener into powder form

2) Add in remaining ingredients n blend till everything comes together

3) Spoon mixture into silicone moulds n freeze for at least an hour before unfolding

4) Keep them in a container in the freezer

Just eat them straight from the freezer !!

Tips :

- If you don't have a silicone mould, you can also make them in ice cube trays or a container and cut them into cubes after freezing

Please comment below if you had tried making this with other sweetener like stevia, maple syrup, yacon syrup etc !

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